There are several reasons why the Telecaster guitar is every so often employed for country music and other imaginable genres of music. Its success in the entertainment industry as a musical instrument has come a long way with several cultures appreciating its presence in many ways.

One striking thing about the Telecaster is the simple and modular design that gives it an amazing look and makes it easy to use. It’s easy to modify, adjust and repair the guitar quickly when necessary. Its bolt-on creation of a swamp-ash solid body combined with a maple neck provides a perfect blend of clarity, taut lows, sweet highs, and sustain.

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Away from the aforementioned reasons that have a lot to do with its construction and design, the Telecaster guitar is widely appreciated for its brighter pickups, being easy to chord on, best solo tone, ultimate bang guitar ability, and for being nearly maintenance free.

Though the Telecaster has got all the necessary features to meet your musical demands, there are times when you just need an Amp to bring out that signature Telecaster tone.

Trust me, if your tastes require something with a little more sting and volume than what a typical Telecaster can offer, you’re really gonna need something to give it a boost.

So, after setting our necessary standards and putting in weeks for research and hands-on testing some of the industry’s top Amps for Telecasters. We’ve therefore put together a comprehensive list of some of the best Amps for the Telecaster and a couple of things to consider when buying one.

OUR PICK: Fender Champion 100

For close to 8 decades now, Fender is widely known as a leader in the manufacture of instruments that have for many years contributed a lot to shape the music industry.

Ever since its inception, Fender amplifiers have always been an integral part of modern music since they include different useful features in the development of music.

That said, the Fender Champion 100 has continued to stamp its place in musical scene thanks to its ease of use and amazing versatility, making it compatible with any style of telecaster playing.

It features 2 by 12-inch Special Design speakers with a wide range of tone-variations perfect for any style of guitar. This is indeed a perfect inclusion that serves the sound well, giving the amp a fine taste musically.

The Fender Champion 100 also features cool effects, straightforward controls, and versatile amp voicing’s’, making it easy to adjust the system for different sounds that best fits blues, rock, country, jazz. Metal and other imaginable genres of music.

The most amazing feature on the amp are the two foot-switchable independent channels. The first channel is designed to deliver or sound like a classic (mighty) Fender Twin Reverb and does a great job in producing wonderful Blackface tunes.

The second channel adding a couple options but in a well-defined approach. You’ll notice the Gain Knob and the Volume Knob, which play a great role providing selectable amp voicing and a wide array of tonal variety.


  • You can explore several musical tones
  • 2 channels that are foot-switchable, making it ideal for studio and stage performance
  • Tremolo speed is adjustable from the Tap Button


  • Doesn’t have tone richness like a typical valve amp
  • Some have complained about speaker configuration
  • Limited warranty

BANG FOR THE BUCK: Marshall MG30CFX MG Series 30-Watt

Speaking of the best musical instrument brands, Marshall can never go unmentioned thanks to their worldwide presence and passion to shape up the music industry for the better.

If you’re looking for an ideal Telecaster amp for performing and practicing in small to medium setting, the Marshall MG30 will automatically work for you.

This amp boasts of the famous blend of modern digital FX and celebrated solid-state tonal circuitry, to offer the best tone you’ll ever dream of.

Its 4 channel combo allows you to choose between Crunch, Clean and Overdrive channels, with Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Reverb, Delay (coming with a tap-tempo feature addition) and Octave (fixed).

To ensure Marshall remain one of the top brands in the manufacture of amplifiers, the wide palette of sounds, foot-switchable memory and FX make the MF30CFX very flexible.

Its construction boasts of a bold, carbon fiber-clad appearance that is strong away from giving it a decent look.

Then there’s controls and effects that make it easy to use.


  • Offers clean and heavy tones when compared to amps in its league
  • 4 channel combo makes it flexible
  • Preset and Manual mode


  • Slightly lower frequency response
  • Some people find it expensive although its value is outstanding
  • Slightly heavy

BUDGET: Fender Mustang I V2 20-Watt

If you’re looking for the best amp for Telecaster ideal to keep around your practice space or apartment, the Fender Mustang I V2 20-Watt is one of the industry’s best solutions available.

The Fender Mustang I V2 20-Watt adds into Fender’s line of unique amps that have been used for many years to inspire modern guitar versatility. This amp brings with it a good blend of tube and digital systems, making it one of the best hybrid amps.

It features authentic amp models, easy USB connectivity, several built-in effects, and the unique Fender FUSE software, all meant to help you meet all levels of musical creativity.

On Presets and other special features, this amp features 12 (twelve) factory presets that are designed to be overdriven by the Fender FUSE software.

You can also connect the 1-Button footswitch that allows you switch back and forth between 2 chosen presets.

It’s 18 amp models and controls make it user-friendly and can suit any project.


  • The Fender FUSE software has improved its performance
  • Improve connectivity compared to other hybrid amps
  • Great effects, controls, amp modes and presets


  • The Stompbox effects rely on the Fender FUSE software
  • Beginner amp
  • Muddy effects

HIGH END: Fender Amplifiers Vintage Modified 68 Custom Vibrolux

As the world’s musical scene kept changing and the demand for the perfect club and recording amps increased, Fender managed to come up with the Vintage Modified ’68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb amp which works for all-tube guitar.

Their major development in 1968. Being a member of the famous Vintage Modified series, this amp comes with several special features meant to address specific needs.

The ’68 Vibrolux Reverb features a unique 2 by 10-inch speaker configuration that delivers big tube tone and snappy twang, while still integrating Fender’s world-class vibrato and reverb effects.

The launch of this amp in 1968 set bar for other manufacturers as the musical world witnessed the introduction of an amp that would go ahead to improve stage performance.

Several decades down the line, the ’68 Vibrolux Reverb still gives its fine touch that offers the much-needed sound quality.


  • Vintage look
  • Best for professional performance and production
  • Amazing Vibrato and Spring Reverb on both channels


  • Heavy
  • Slightly overpriced
  • Poor connectivity and doesn’t match some of the modern musical demands

ALSO GREAT: VOX AC15VR Guitar Combo Amplifier

If you really need a great amp to pair with your amazing Telecaster at an amazing value, then the VOX AC15VR is what you need to have.

Thanks to their legendary reputation in the manufacture of musical instruments, VOX utilized the hybrid technology to come up with this iconic amp.

The AC15VR has it all. It features the solid-state and tube systems, modern and vintage, clean and dirty, not forgetting to mention the preamp section that has utilized modern technology to its best by using the op-amp and transistors, while the amplifying section runs on a single 12AX7.

The AC15VR is equipped with the VOX Valve Reactor circuitry that offers a various soundscape of accurate and sufficient tones from a single amp.

The Overdrive and Normal channels well linked with the Master Reverb and Master Volume to share the same Bass and Treble tone controls.


  • Incredible tone variation and improve reliability
  • Improved connectivity to improved modern musical demands
  • Great performance making it suitable for studio production, practice and stage performance


  • Some individuals have complained of the tone not being so warm
  • Slightly heavy making it not easily portable

ALSO GREAT: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III 40-Watt

Thanks to their proactive nature and an unending interest in improving the musical scene, Fender has continued to be one of the best brands in the production of amps for guitar.

The Hot Rod Deluxe III is one of the most popular additions in its line of amps that are paired with Telecasters for the best production.

Fender line of Hot Rod amps is known to inspire creativity in musicians since most of them have been used to produce the celebrated Fender tone and the right platform to craft their own unique signature sound.

The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III amp is equipped with a series of upgrades from its descendants to improve its relevance in the changing musical scenes. It features effects loop, spring reverb, and its versatile all-tube (12AX7) preamp.


  • 3 band EQ
  • The all-tube preamp and built-in spring reverb make it amazing
  • 3 channels for better and clean tone


  • Has the worst overdrive
  • Tubes are not readily available making it impossible to repair in case the tube break
  • Unsuitable for huge stage performance

What Is A Telecaster?

Without delving into the history and development of the Telecaster guitar, I would love to just give you a comprehensive overview of what it really is and its major contribution as far as music is concerned.

The Telecaster guitar is a solid-body electric guitar, widely used in the production of country music, popular music and other imaginable genres of music.

Leo Fender’s Telecaster, initially known as the Broadcaster was the first solid-body electric guitar to reach the commercial height of success, thanks to its simple yet effective design and revolutionary quality of sound. It set the trends used in the manufacture of every electric guitar that came after it, not forgetting to mention its major contribution to the growth of country music and popular music.

Most people often find it hard to differentiate the Telecaster from Stratocaster because of major similarities in their designs and both featuring an Alder body – the snappy tone-wood construction that gives guitars a good bite of sound.

To avoid the confusion, you always need to pay attention to the difference spotted on the body, neck, pickups, hardware, and electronics.

What Things To Look For When Buying Amp For Telecaster?

We know you’ve got your killer Telecaster, and you only need a powerful amp to bring out that signature tone. Well, you shouldn’t worry because we have you sorted.

Looking for the Best Amp for your Telecaster. Here are some of the primary factors you need to take into consideration.

Tube vs. Digital/Solid-State

The top primary factor you need to take into consideration when looking for the right amp for your Telecaster is whether you want to go for a tube amp or something digital, better known as solid-state.

According to most experts, there’s never right or wrong between digital and tube amps. The most important thing is to have your priorities set and test things for yourself and determine what works and sounds right for you.

But as per the latest finding, solid state circuitry produces superior clean power at a more affordable price, while the scarcity of tube amps tends to make tube-based amps more expensive compared to the digital ones.

This has led to the development of hybrid versions in which the power amp is solid state, while the basic tone is produced by a tube-driven preamp.

That’s why choosing the amp with the right tones, whether tube or digital, is the most important thing for you.

Size matters

Size and power always matter depending on your sound production interests. Everyone would prefer having 12-inch speakers between 50 -100 watts.

Whichever specs you go for, make sure it meets all your sound production demands and portability. For most cases, amps of between 50 -100 watts offer the relaxant sound quality.

Other factors to take into consideration include brand names, built-in effects, channel surfing controls (multichannel amps are the best), additional accessories, configurations, construction and other special features.

With all the necessary factors in mind, here is our comprehensive review on some of the best amps for telecaster on the market today.

OUR PICK: Fender Champion 100
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