Music and singing go hand in hand. Nowadays stepping on a stage and singing your heart out has become more and more popular. People go out and have fun by singing karaoke.

It does not matter if they are out of tune, but what is important really does is that they are having fun and enjoying themselves.

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Karaoke mixers have become popular and there are different reasons or things to consider when buying the perfect karaoke mixer. A karaoke mixer amplifier is a device that allows different sound output to perform seamlessly with other devices.

It allows you to combine different sounds together and the main purpose is for entertainment – karaoke in this case.

The following are some of the most important things you should consider when purchasing a karaoke machine.
The price, pros, cons, performance, where it will be used, durability, portability, design structure, features, and others.

The following article will inform you on the different mixers with different specs, prices and will also help you make the right choice when looking for that perfect mixer.

Don’t forget to check out the tutorial video on How To Use A Mixer For Karaoke.

OUR PICK: Behringer Xenyx 502

The Behringer Xenyx is small in size, has easy to handle rotary controls and allows Bluetooth connectivity.

The Behringer Xenyx 502 is one of the best portable karaoke mixers that produces the most amazing clear sound output and amazing tonal ranges are boosted drastically by its inbuilt 2-band EQ. There’s is no background interference experienced when using this mixer.

Thanks to its small size, you can carry it pretty easily from one karaoke party to another. There is no hissing or anything that makes the audio feels cheap. Using the rotary level controls allows good manipulation of sounds. And also, the amazing Xenyx mic preamp helps in sound clarity and signal audibility.

Bluetooth connectivity allows all Bluetooth enabled devices like, laptop, phone, TV to share monitor speakers without the need of fiddling with knobs and manual switching.

But if you set the headphones too low, the output becomes a little unbalanced and if you set it too high, there is a squealing sound of dying out amp stages.

Another flaw is the power cord. It comes out easily and there is no on/off switch. Space between the amp and the knob is extremely minimal.


  • Small in size to enhance easier portability
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity for easier and convenient sharing of devices information
  • Good Xenyx mic preamp for the perfect and clear sound output


  • A power cord that is not well intact
  • Minimal space is experienced between the amp and knob when rotating
  • Output sound becomes unbalanced when the headphones are set too low

HOME USE: Karaoke Mixer by Fifine

This is a nice karaoke mixer that is perfect for home use. The Fifine Digital Sound Mixer is a basic sound mixer that does most of the functions expected in a mixer. The perfect level of sound control is experienced by using the digital echo indicators and independent mic channels that have level controls.

It is a great product and very reliable. The mixer has an awesome and amazing sound shaping and vocal enhancement because of the inbuilt video RCA audio and video I/O for the perfect Video connection. The echo sound is not that strong but it’s definitely good value for your money.

The amplifier helps produce a good sound output. Another good thing about this mixer is that it works seamlessly with existing speakers and receivers. It performs as described and does not disappoint. This is great with lots of good value.

One problem it has is the lack of an optical input. Even though it lacks this, it works seamless and it’s very easy to use. Another issue is that there is no tone difference when microphone settings are adjusted.


  • A perfectly constructed mixer that syncs well with existing speakers and receivers for the ultimate performance
  • In-built video RCA for the perfect video connection
  • High-quality material that lasts for a very long time and is suitable for home use


  • No optical input component
  • The microphone settings have no tonal difference when adjusted

BUDGET: Pyle Portable Microphone Mixer

A cheaper option and definitely a winner for the pocket. The Pyle portable microphone mixer lacks much volume but is otherwise has a very good sound output. It has tons of features that are great for anyone wanting to purchase a mixer but is on a budget.

It’s not too pricey as compared to the overall pick. It’s easy to use and perfect for home karaoke sessions and DJs sound control.

This is an all in one control system that assists in the studio and live applications. If you have been searching for a professional style system that does multiple functions including mixing, sound amplification, and others, then you’ve come to the end of your search. The audio play and microphone vocals help in performance mobility. It takes it to another level.

Also, the dual Microphone input jacks, each ¼ inch, allow you to use different devices at the same time. This is convenient when using different devices. Another thing this mixer offers is great visual clarity that’s out of this world. HDMI input/output connectors are designed specifically for this purpose.

Not to forget, there is an on/off power switch button for easier usage of the mixer. If you want a good mixer that allows smooth manipulation of sounds, then this is the one for you. It has Adjustable rotary controls that perform this task effortlessly.

One problem that this mixer has is the music volume is higher than the microphone’s volume.


  • Not too pricey increasing affordability
  • An all-in-one control system that enables multiple functions
  • Strong audio play and microphone vocals that assist in performance mobility


  • A bit faulty because the music volume is higher than the microphone’s


The Mackie PROFX12V2 12-Channel compact mixer is a gear mixer that can stand the test of time and also allows easy plug and play. There is no need for installing drivers because of the plug and play feature. This saves time and it’s very convenient.

The FX digital effects engine enables you to access 16 different effects and this leaves something to be desired. This is a very good mixer with a small price tag and its Portable Mixing board is definitely the right size.
If you want to experience a powerful soundboard, this is the perfect mixer for you.

There are 6 low-noise Mackie vita microphone preamps that provide incomparable and unmatched sound quality that some compact mixers don’t have. Also there an in-built Universal power supply that can be plugged in using different jacks that will fit in perfectly. Also, the preamp design and effect engineered for high-quality sound in any situation.

The great thing about this mixer is the Phantom power Condenser mics that enable you to record vocals and produce a great sound without the need for extra sound tools. To top it up, the shaping of your sound inputs is made possible by the 3-band EQ together with the 100Hz low-cut filter.

Furthermore, the aux output can be fine-tuned by the use of the 7-band graphic EQ. It easily gets read off unwanted feedback in the monitors.

One flaw that this karaoke amplifier has is that is has a hum or static sound when it is connected to the USB. But you are able to stream and record via USB. The Background noise is little when at full volume.


  • An easy plug and play for more convenience
  • 6-low noise preamps to provide high-quality sound
  • A strong phantom power condenser mics that enable well-recorded sound vocals


  • Little to no background noise experienced when setting at full volume
  • A static sound is produced when there is a USB connection

ALSO GREAT: Behringer Xenyx 1202fx

Behringer Xenyx 1202fx is another mixer that performs exceptionally well with its in-built phantom power, 100 FX Presets for useful and easy to use multiple effects, 3-band EQ, and flexible I/O options.

The Phantom power is built in making it easier to operate the mixer. A good mixer has a set of preamps and this comes with 4 Xenyx preamps and 100 FX presets that allow great and clear sound output with amazing effects.
Another feature that equalizes the sound output and manipulated it perfectly is the3-band EQ that does this per channel.

Though it lacks equalizers for some of the outputs other than microphone channels, it has excellent quality sound and a great variety of effects variety.

Unfortunately, it has some disadvantages. The mixer heats up but this does not affect the quality of the sound. Also, the power cable easily detaches because it is lost. You can decide to use rubber pads to lessen the external vibrations.

Another problem is that it does not lie evenly on the board. This is a minor flaw which does not affect the outward performance of the mixer.


  • 100 FX Presets that gives you a variety of awesome effects
  • A strong 3-band EQ that equalizes the sound output
  • Flexible input/output options that enhance the easier use of different devices


  • The mixer heats up when operating
  • The power cable easily detaches
  • The mixer does not lie evenly on a board

ALSO GREAT: ARCHEER Wireless Microphone System

This is a karaoke mixer that has an inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity, small in size, VHF mic receiver, and an audio cable. Connecting to any Bluetooth enabled devices can be made easier by using the Bluetooth feature. You can share information with your devices, for example, smartphones, tablets, and laptop.

This feature also allows you to stream music wirelessly and thus making it convenient to use.

Another great feature is its small size. The small size and very light weight allow you to be on the go with ease. Be it, on special occasions or just having fun at a party. No limits whatsoever.

Also, it has an anti-noise solution which is great for family karaoke, outdoor concerts, home entertainment etc.; and an awesome high quality LED display on the mic set. This feature is very eye-catching and popular with kids who love to see various the colors a lot.

The sound the UHF microphone systems output is very clear and crisp. They do not disappoint and give out a great performance similar to much more pricey systems. If you want to have fun with your friends, you can use the individual level controls whereby you’ll be able to control the set-up of your singing. Your friends can be your backup singers and you the lead singer. This is really a great feature.

Although the wireless is limited, it’s easy to install it and it Works perfectly with smart TV and stereo systems. You will be able to stream music among different devices although the music volume drops or lowers slightly when you begin to sing.

Another thing to mention is the battery life. It does not last that long in mics and you will need good quality alkaline batteries that will last for longer period. Not to forget, ARCHEER Bluetooth microphone system comes with a 40-day warranty.

If for some reason it does not deliver on its promise, you will be refunded after a 40-day period.
Another minor flaw is the English user manual which the instructions are not easy to understand but you can easily do without them.


  • Uses Bluetooth to enhance easier connectivity to Bluetooth- enabled devices
  • Anti-noise solution feature that is great for home entertainment or family karaoke
  • A UHF mic system that produces high-quality clear sounds


  • A limited wireless distance that allows you to use it is not too far distances
  • The battery life is not long
  • The instructions are not easy to understand

ALSO GREAT:  Yamaha mg06x

The Yamaha mg06x 6-input compact stereo mixer with effects is a great and easy to operate mixer for a newbie, handles multiple functions and delivers on its promise. It works exactly as described.

Most starter mixers aren’t ideal for multitasking functions because they may overheat or fail to perform as expected. Worry no more because Yamaha will perform well for a newbie and who are looking for a mixer that will not disappoint.

One thing that you’ll like about this mixer is that it’s easy to set up and operate due to its small size. This allows easy operation and portability of the mixer.

Another thing is flexibility. It allows input types to make it easier to plug in, dial-up and begin playing. No more manual adjustments before starting the music.

Also, the effects you will experience are awesome together with the perfect 2-band EQ plus a pass filter that allows you to equalize the sound output. Not to forget to mention the sophisticated designed switchable 48V phantom power that enables you to use condenser and dynamic microphones.

26Db attenuation switch is inbuilt to allow you to record loud sound sources like guitar amplifiers. This is a great feature to practice your guitar skills. Also, if you want to connect your monitor speakers and PA system, it has never been this easier. The stereo XLR out allows you to do this with ease.

Unfortunately, there are only two minor issues that come with this mixer. The first one is that there is only one fader to control the main volume and they don’t feel that strong, and the second one is there is no RCA in/out components.


  • A great starter mixer for a newbie who wants to learn the basics
  • An in-built pass filter that allows easy equalization of sound output
  • Easy to set-up mixer that delivers on its promise


  • There is only one fader for the main volume
  • The faders are not that strong
  • No RCA input/ output components

To sum up, the best karaoke mixer/amplifier should be able to perform as expected without any major issues. So go out there and get yourself one.

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OUR PICK: Behringer Xenyx 502
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