Logic Pro X is a MIDI sequencer and a digital audio workstation software application that works on a Mac OS platform. The Logic Pro application was created way back in the 1990s as Notator Logic by C-Lab (a German software developer).

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How Do You Pick MIDI Keyboard For Logic Pro X?

Within the music creation realm, Apple’s Logic Pro X is a huge hit. Finding the best MIDI keyboard controller is, therefore, an important investment decision that has to be taken seriously.

Some of the questions that can guide you in choosing the best MIDI keyboard controller for Logic Pro X include:

  • a) Do you require a MIDI keyboard that can as well act as a control surface? – this basically means you need a keyboard that can control your software using its knobs, buttons, and display.
  • b) What are the keys you intend your MIDI keyboard to come with? – options include Synth action, semi-weighted and weighted.
  • c) Do you need pads on the MIDI controller?
  • d) Which key counts for you?
  • e) Does the MIDI keyboard controller fit within your budget?

In summary, your choice for the best MIDI keyboard controller depends on the budget, capabilities required in terms of control and the make of the keys. We look at the best six musical instruments that you can choose for your MIDI Keyboard Controller needs for Logic Pro X.

Our Pick: Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

This is an ultra-compact keyboard controller that has been designed to fit easily in a musician backpack. It is able to use limited storage space even in a crowded table.

The MPK Mini MKII doesn’t require any software update to be operated. It has also been designed in a manner that ensures maximum portability and without any need for an external power adapter.

It features a USB-MIDI for plug-and-play connectivity purposes. By connecting this USB cable to your computer, the keyboard is powered up for use.

It also has an array of hardware controls that lets you compose, record and perform anytime with Digital Audio Workstations, effect plugins, and virtual instruments.

A download package for the free virtual instruments gives you all the features you require for playing an editing musical ideas. Other features include 8 rubber drum pads that are velocity-sensitive, 25 synth-action mini keys, VIP3.0 software platform and 8 assignable control knobs.

Generally, it is a great keyboard controller that gives you everything you need to lay down musical ideas on Logic Pro X.

It incorporates a five-year user feedback period to contribute ideas towards an enhanced design. You get an opportunity to revolutionize performance workflows and production using the keyboard.


  • The keyboard has many control knobs with multiple programs that increase the fun of using it
  • Plugins that works well with Sonar and can be learned easily for better control
  • It comes in a compact size, has sensitive pads and responds quickly once plugged in


  • The software setup looks intimidating and can be quite hard to install without the help of tutorials
  • The included software is very limited and may not be used with other things like MPC Essentials
  • There a number of issues that needs to be corrected with the mapping knobs. This includes the Arpeggiator and the VST itself

Budget Pick: Midiplus AKM320 Keyboard Controller

This is a 32 mini size Master keyboard that includes a Volume slider, Pitch, and Modulation wheels, Transpose buttons (Up & Down), Octave buttons (Up & Down) and Sustain pedal input.

A single USB cable is enough to power it up and is able to work instantly when connected to a host device. The keyboard comes with a manual and a USB cable. It weighs about 1.6 pounds and 2.2 pounds during shipping.

It is a relatively small keyboard controller with dimensions of 18.1 by 4.9 by 1.2 inches. Being a MIDI device, its compatibility with applications supporting MIDI input is guaranteed.


  • Comes in a very basic packaging that includes a USB cable
  • Octave and transpose buttons and can work on different OS platforms including Linux
  • It’s quite affordable


  • The keys are hard to press and sometimes requires you to smash them with your finger to achieve different dynamic levels
  • The keys are also mushy and not fully sized
  • There is no MIDI connection

Pro Level: Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S25

Komplete Kontrol S25 is an advanced software instrument from KOMPLETE that is more intuitive, inspirational and expressive than before.

It comes with a supreme 25-key keybed from Fatar, a clear view display and touch strip controls that make it easy to use.

Unappalled integration between KOMPLETE KONTROL software and KOMPLETE Instruments is one of the great features that come with this keyboard.

It also has supreme quality Fatar key-bed that gives it a superior feel over other competing keyboards.

Its high-quality encoders give it total control of all the key software parameters. Another feature is its clear view display and light guide key illumination that gives it a unique visual perspective. Its highly flexible and expressive touch strip controls are an added advantage.

This keyboard is great and worth every dollar spent on it because of its features, quality, and feel.

The eight controller knobs, for instance, manages parameters such as rate, rhythm, direction, pattern, and variations.

You can also record the output as individual MIDI notes for further editing. You get instant access to a melodious world through its integrated scale mapping features.

Better still you can create a rich harmonic performance by activating the chord mode and playing single keys.


  • The display control input not only has a beautiful design but is also amazing and clear
  • The Effect slider on the side is nice and comes with dual wheels unlike the traditional design
  • The keyboard look is professional and doesn’t feel heavy as the other controllers


  • It doesn’t come with drum pads and hence limits you in terms of finger drumming
  • Lacks the hammer action typical with a real piano
  • You may require an additional power source for effective power supply

Pro Level: Novation Impulse 49 USB Midi Keyboard (49 Keys)

This is a professional USB/MIDI controller that comes with a full control surface and a precision keyboard.

The Novation’s Automap control software powers this keyboard. Automap 4 software makes getting hands-on your DAW fast and simple.

It comes with 8 backlit drum pads for warping arpeggios, rolling beats and launching live clips. Another feature is the semi-weighted keyboard that is ultra responsive.

Also included is the full plug-in/DAW control surface that has buttons, 8 knobs, and 9 faders.

The keyboard comes with download options for Novation’s Bass Station synth, Ableton Live Lite, Loopmasters Sample Pack and XLN Audio Addictive Keys.

It’s USB powered and comes with MIDI in and out ports, expression and sustain pedal inputs for connecting external components.

Generally, this is a great keyboard that has been designed to look more than an instrument as opposed to a computer peripheral.

Having worked with manufacturers of major music software, Novation Impulse comes with instant hands-on control capabilities.


  • The AutoMap software has templates that fit Logic Pro X and many other third-party plugins in your system
  • When you touch the knobs and sliders, they feel solid and tactile
  • The straightforward menus are very helpful whereas the USB connection enables MII connections for better control


  • Lacks the AAX support and hence won’t work with applications like Pro Tools 11
  • The reload of drum pads is slow making it hard to hit the same pad with rapidity
  • The roll function seems like a gimmick and gives you a limited option to control the rolling tempo. In most cases, you will have to break the performance as the tempo tap affects the drum pad itself

Also Great: IK Multimedia iRig Keys universal keyboard controller

This is the smallest MIDI keyboard that can be used with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, and PC. It has been designed for ultra-portability and packs a full feature set in an enclosure that fits into a backpack or even a laptop bag.

Even though it’s small, the iRig Keys Mini gives you everything you need in a keyboard controller.

One of its features is the 25 velocity sensitive mini keys. It has a freely assignable data/volume knob alongside two backlit buttons for Octave Up and Octave Down. Its USB class-compliant is fully certified by both MIDI and MFi.

This enables you to enjoy adaptor-less plug and play by just connecting it to an iOS device. You also enjoy compatibility with many music creation software and apps like iGrand Piano and Sample Tank 3. Its small size, features, and pricing make it a perfect travel companion for any keyboard player.

Generally, it’s a great keyboard for moving around with. It’s compact and light with all the important features a keyboard requires.

It comes with different cables for connecting to a host device and it’s a great tool for beginners as well as experienced Logic Pro X musicians.


  • Its 37 small fully sized keys make it a great keyboard for the road
  • The Sample Tank app is free and gives you a multitude of capabilities and quality sounds
  • A wonderful lightweight keyboard with a nice keyboard action anywhere and anytime


  • The plastic keys feel weak and are of poor quality
  • It has a noisy clacking section which can be quite irritating especially in a public place

How Logic Pro X Works?

Most MIDI Keyboards are class-compliant devices and hence don’t require extra drivers to connect to your computer. They will use the drivers built into the operating system of the host computer.

To be able to use MIDI Keyboards With Logic Pro X, begin by connecting them using the USB port on your computer. This will serve as the power supply needed to power your keyboard while at the same time providing the communication interface between the keyboard and the computer.

Having connected the keyboard to the computer, the Mac will install the keyboard’s necessary drivers to facilitate communication between the two. Upon startup, the key control in Logic will be available.

Once your computer is powered on, open the Logic Pro X and then open the Software Instrument option. This will enable opening of the stereo instrument track in Logic. Navigating to the Logic Pro X dialogue on the top taskbar, enables you to access the setup.

From the setup window, you can add your keyboard and enable the fader control, transport control and knob control options within the application.

Our Pick: Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII
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