Over the last couple of years, the gaming industry has undergone a series of transformations, leaving gamers with no option but to upgrade their gaming accessories.

This has made finding the best, compatible gaming devices and other accessories such as microphones a straight necessity if you intend to be part of the online gaming craze, particularly on PS4 and Xbox One.

That said, having a top-notch gaming microphone is important for having the best audio and communicating with your team. Having a microphone with the good sound capture quality helps to immerse you into the action of your favorite games.

According to most modern gamers, your microphone audio quality is key to succeeding in modern day gaming. You really don’t need a microphone that makes you sound like you spent your early days on planet Kashyyyk or you’re going through a wind turbine.

And since standalone microphones offer better audio quality than those attached to gaming headsets, we spent a couple of days researching on the best microphones for PS4.

OUR PICK: Blue Snowball iCE

Nothing demoralizes like your tools failing you in your hour of need. Imagine you’re under heavy attack from your enemies, you shout for backup, but nobody comes to your rescue because your microphone fails you and your camp suffer a loss.

That’s why you need a reliable microphone with all the necessary features for the best recording quality and reliable transmission, not forgetting the much necessary compatibility with your console and headset. Here’s where the Blue Snowball comes in, thanks to its reliable features and great performance.

You can never mistake the Snowball for any other mic because of its literal ball shape with a diameter of 4 inches. It has a flashy design with its sturdy plastic body making it durable with the least vibrations.

It has no protruding buttons or controls, but only features a USB port at the back. The orb is designed to sit on the tripod stand for stability.

On recording quality and performance, Snowball uses a single custom condenser capsule, making one of the best mics for crisp, comprehensive and focused audio performance. Its sound quality makes it one of the mics for recording voiceovers and podcasts, besides making it an excellent accessory for modern gaming and streaming.

Then there’s the greatest feature that makes it compatible with the PS4 consoles, among other devices such as the Mac and PC.


  • Stylish and durable construction
  • Great performance and sound quality in Cardioid settings (Cardioid polar and omnidirectional polar pattern)
  • Accurate midrange and easy to use


  • Some gamers have complained about the microphone’s lifeless and dull tone
  • The tripod stand is flimsy
  • The LED power indicator is a concern to many since its bright and can’t be turned off

BANG FOR THE BUCK: PS4 Mono Chat Earbud with Mic

Some of us hate the idea of going through stores testing products to find the right for their needs, and would rather settle for a specific one that is purposefully meant for the job.

That said, Sony has designed a special “headset”, the PS4 Mono Chat Earbud with Mic that is undoubtedly compatible with the PS4 and has the right recording and sound quality.

You don’t have to go through stores testing different microphones to find one with features compatible with your PS4 console and meets your gaming and performance demands.

It has the simplest features you can ever get on any headset, making it easy to use and any gamer would love it. The earbud fits comfortably with the best sound quality for an average gamer. Other noticeable features are the ON/OFF MUTE mic controls.

You’ll have to plug it into your device’s headset port and make the necessary adjustments to make it work as per your needs.


  • Reliable PS4 compatibility
  • Simple design and controls
  • Ease of use


  • Doesn’t offer the necessary sound quality for involving gaming experience
  • Poor construction makes its durability questionable

ALSO GREAT: KLIM Desktop USB Microphone

Looking for the best USB microphone that’s compatible with your PS4 console, then you need to know about the KLIM Desktop USB Microphone.

USB microphones have risen in popularity in recent days thanks to their relevance and compatibility with most devices.

It’s because of the increasing demand for USB mics that KLIM Voices chose to use their resources to come up with the Desktop USB Microphone which has been a great addition to the market.

It features a patented audio filter that focuses on your voice and eliminates background noise for the right sound quality. It also comes with the anti-pop filter for improving the clarity of your recording.

This mic has the necessary features making it convenient for modern gaming. The manufacturers have also gone further to improve its suitability in the modern world by making it compatible with different Operating Systems (such as Linux, Windows, OS X) and all brands.

Speaking of connectivity and performance, you won’t need any software to install the mic. Installation is simple (plug and play), as explained in the user manual.

The adjustable neck is another great feature that makes it a flexible mic, and you can easily set the recording volume and other parameters as per your demands.

For durability and steady performance, the mic is made of strengthened plastic and strong metal interior reinforcement.


  • Stylish and durable design
  • Easy to use, plug and play device
  • Excellent voiceover and amazing sound quality


  • Sound quality may not be good for elite gamers
  • You can use the USB connection for camera recordings
  • Poor packaging

ALSO GREAT: Turtle Beach – Universal digital USB Stream Mic

With the rising popularity of live stream video gaming, theirs an equal demand for more versatile microphones. Turtle Beach chose to add another mic to their line of gaming accessories, the Universal digital USB Stream mic.

This mic is specifically meant to make console live-streaming easy since it’s the first professional-quality mic compatible with PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and other major consoles.

Its universal compatibility has been its major selling point as Turtle Beach chose to design a mic that would satisfy different sectors of gaming.

Away from its unique universal compatibility feature, Turtle Beach Stream mic has the relevant features for professional processing performance that ensures the best studio-quality recording, digital processing, automatic balance EQ, and gain/compression.

To ensure versatility, this mic is designed for professional work with an inbuilt headphone amplifier able that allows you hear chat and game audio via the mic when your headphones are plugs into the mic.

You can also personalize your streaming sessions with the personalized voice tuning features in the Ear-Force Audio Hub software.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Perfect for gaming, streaming and recording podcasts, vocals, commentary, voiceovers and more.


  • The sound quality is good, but not great.
  • The stands picks a lot of vibrations
  • Expensive

ALSO GREAT: Antlion Audio ModMic Attachable Boom Microphone

Though it’s the last on our list, Antlion ModMic is one of the best mics than a gamer can ever own thanks to its great recording quality, performance, versatility, and compatibility with many devices.

The Antlion ModMic microphone is completely modular, you can modify it to suit your needs since it comes with some of the industry’s features for a mic in its league. It is designed to be attached to your preferred gaming headphones to have a complete set of the best sound and recording quality.

It comes equipped with modern filters making it one of the best unidirectional and noise-reducing mic you can ever have around. It collects sound from one direction and absorbs your voice as it eliminates noise, breath, and vibration that may alter the sound quality.

For flexibility and performance, the ModMic and headset combo is compatible with most gaming consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One, Wii-U, and smartphones. You can also add the USB adapter for improved quality.


  • Comes with several accessories making it a flexible mic
  • Construction
  • Sound and recording quality, thanks to the high-quality capsule


  • Its uni-directional sound pattern absorbs too much white noise
  • Few controls

So, What Are The Things To Consider When Looking For Ps4 Compatible Microphones?

The PS4 is a great console, but the good microphone can leverage your gaming by bringing out that crystal-clear audio and reliable online chat.

When you go out to purchase the microphone for PS4, here are the primary factors you’ll need to pay attention to.

PS 4 Compatibility

It is important to understand that different consoles have their specific criteria to meet when choosing the right gaming microphone. You should always look beyond the necessary matches of serious audiophiles and musical fidelity standards.

For our case, you should only go for microphones that have been marked compatible with PS4 consoles. Each mic is created with a consumer-oriented interface that makes it compatible with the specific console it’s built for.


The idea of our buying guide and product reviews is to help you identify the top products for your special demands.

To this end, we have researched on different mics by testing them in several environments and with different microphone configurations. One thing we have learned is that you really need to pay attention to performance when you’re out there purchasing the best gaming microphones for whichever console.

Our pattern emphasizes that a microphone with a good level of performance is critical to getting the best sound quality.

Its configuration should give be able to filter out unwanted personal and environmental sounds such a keyboard and mouse noises.

It should also have the ability to shape incoming signals into the usable audio of good quality while filtering breath.


According to most gamers, the design and material selection influences microphonic properties. A microphone’s shape (and size) affects its overall flexibility and performance in day-to-day usage, and space it occupies to function properly in a specific polar orientation.

Therefore, microphones mounted on stands are designed to be planted on the table most of the time, while attached microphones are meant for convenient configuration and balanced to suit their wearers.

On the construction (material selection), make sure you go for microphones made of materials with least vibration. I would advise you to avoid microphones with plastic bodies.


A microphone’s flexibility is not only anchored on its design, but also on its overall performance and exceptional features. That’s why different microphones come with different hardware configurations to suit special uses.

It’s important that you identify and understand any special features you may need to meet your gaming needs. Pay attention to designs, settings, and hardware configuration, among other special features you find important.

Recording Quality

This depends on performance and flexibility. You should know how that microphone performs in different environments to bring out the best sound quality.

We have selected some of best PS4 compatible microphones with the right sound quality that suits all gamers.

Form and Adaptability

A microphones adaptability is deeply anchored on certain features that speak a lot about its flexibility. On adaptability, the ideal mic is one that picks up the user’s voice perfectly, without the help of filters and props.


Although the price has always been a big concern for most gamers, it should be the least of your worries because our list of best microphones for PS4 is affordable. You really don’t need the studio recording microphones.

Just have a defined budget and set your priorities right, and you’ll have the perfect microphones.

Why Do I Need Microphone For Ps4?

I know most of us love using headphones (PS4 compatible headsets), thanks to their popularity amongst most gamers.

However, for many years now, gamers have had a lot to deal with in terms of sound quality from the mics that come attached to these headsets. Their recording quality is so poor that you must fit your room with sound absorbers and still improve on other features to get the best out of them.

I’ve also witnessed most gamers fitting their headphones with other detachable microphones from different manufacturers, just to get the great touch of sound quality.

As a result, there has been the need for better microphones with better recording quality to meet our gaming demands.

That’s why you need these PS4 compatible microphones that are specially designed for recording and capturing necessary voices, besides being compatible with modern headsets for convenient gaming.

OUR PICK: Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone
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