A reverb pedal is an absolute necessity for any blues, country or classic rock guitar player. In its basic form, a reverb pedal is introduced into the signal chain of a guitarist’s kit to simulate the effect of playing that guitar in a large hall. When you learn to work with it and begin to understand how it works, relative to the kind of pickups that you have on your electric or semi-acoustic guitar, you can create some memorable tones with it. Listen to David Gilmour’s heart-stopping solos to understand what we are talking about!

Many experienced guitarists are of the opinion that, in order to train your ears on the intricacies of sound, a reverb pedal is an absolute essential. It helps a lot in understanding the difference between a bright and a warm sound, for example, by accentuating the higher frequencies of your sound and by giving it more definition and depth.

A complete reverb pedal has three basic functions to bring to your tone, it lets you change the level of the effect, the time duration of it and the quality of the tone. These are the three critical requirements from a good reverb pedal. Coming to terms with the functionalities of a reverb pedal begins with the understanding of how these variables change your tone. We recommend that you stick to basic pedals if you are a beginner. With progress, you can move on to advanced pedals that have onboard preset and advanced tonal settings that allow you to do more with your tone.

Let us now take a closer look at some awesome reverb pedals that you should absolutely check out!

EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master

Bringing to you, the best of two effects pedals, The dispatch master has circuitry onboard, for a delay pedal as well. This is a fantastic device, to help you get a hang of how delay and reverb effects work together. Designed to offer you superior control over both effects, the controls layout is fairly simple for a hybrid pedal such as this.

Small in size but large in sound, this is one of the best reverb pedals for the guitar you could possibly have on your board. You can run both effects simultaneously for as standalone sound waves.


Two effects from one pedal, excellent control over the decay of the reverb and delay timing, simple controls layout.


Some guitarists complain of not being able to get a classic sounding reverb out of this, try it before you buy it!

Digitech Supernatural Ambient Stereo Reverb

The Supernatural is a true stereo pedal with separate input channels. This particularly comes off as a huge advantage in a recording based scenario. This pedal is great at creating awesome custom tones. If you are particularly an enthusiast of space filling effects, then you are going to love this device. Designed to offer a whole range of varied sounds, the pedal does everything from ambient reverb to shimmer effects, professionally.

The custom tone presets knob, that lets you cycle through different types of classic reverb sounds is our favorite feature on this pedal. The Supernatural is guaranteed to put a huge smile on the faces of professional guitarists.


True stereo channels, excellent onboard presets that mimic vintage reverb and iconic compact design.


There have been some complaints with the tail switch on the pedal.

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Max Reverb

Equipped with just three control knobs, this pedal is designed to replicate the vintage goodness of spring, fall and plate reverb features on amplifiers that were popular in the late 1950s and 60s, with a lot of elegance and glamour. Playing solos are going to be an absolute pleasure on this pedal.

Equipped with a true bypass system, the Holy Grail Max Reverb will train your ears on the righteous way of understanding the science of guitar tones. All of this awesomeness comes packaged in a rock solid metal chassis and body. The Holy Grail is a unique culmination of simplicity and sophistication at the same time, which does not happen very often!


This is a true bypass pedal, contains multiple vintage reverb models, sturdy construction.


It could have been more competitively priced.

Best Reverb Pedals under $150

Electro-Harmonix HOLY GRAIL NANO

Another brilliant addition to our list today with a true bypass setup, the Holy Grail nano is just the pedal for the fans of the spring reverb effect. It is a very basic approach to a reverb pedal and you basically get what you see, with it. What is most impressive about this pedal is that it puts out an incredibly realistic emulation of Spring and hall reverb and can make your tones sound bigger without making it sound louder at the same time. This awesome package comes enclosed in a metal body.


Excellent spring reverb emulation, robust metal body.


As you improve and develop into an intermediate level guitarist, you will feel the need for more variety from your reverb pedal, more than the ones this pedal has to offer.

Digitech POLARA

The Digitech Polara houses high voltage sound processing circuits under its body, decorated with that funky artwork. This means that it is compiled, on a basic level for high signal quality. Featuring true bypass and true stereo channels, the Polara is locked and loaded with brilliant features that translate to a sweet and rich tone.

What’s more? The knobs on this pedal are designed to snap into place when you press on them with your feet, keeping the tones you have dialed, locked into their position. Easy to use and extremely effective, you simply cannot ask for more features in a reverb pedal.


True bypass, true stereo input, stomp lock control knobs, robust construction.


Expensive, especially if you are on a budget.

TC Electronic HOF mini

The TC Electronic mini houses a secret weapon under the Hood called the ‘Tone Print’ which lets you use sound settings customised by various artists. If you are in the mood for sounding exactly like your favorite guitarist then you can do so, without spending a lot of time dialing in tones. Small in size and equipped with a true bypass switch, this is a great pedal designed to save you space on your board and to pamper you with a variety of reverb effects.


Small size, true bypass design, the ‘Full Tone Print’ feature that lets you load custom settings into the pedal.


One of the most expensive pedals in our list of best reverb pedals today.

Biyang Tri Reverb

Featuring three reverb modes, (hence the name!) a full metal body construction and optimised to save space on your pedalboard, the Biyang Tri Reverb is truly worthy of being in your guitar kit, given its competitive price. It is another true bypass device that has the stereo capabilities. The tone control layouts are simple and extremely easy to use and tone replication is phenomenal. This is our recommendation for any beginners guitarists who are looking to buy their first reverb pedal. You will not be disappointed.


True bypass design, stereo capabilities, full metal construction, rich tone, superb value for money.


After trying hard to find cons, we would like to conclude that the spring reverb sound on this is not as impressive as the ones on premium pedals.